These are some small projects I (and others) have done for the Kawasaki EN500 (Vulcan 500 LTD)

Last modified 1/12/14

The pretty red thing is the EN500. The ugly old fat thing is the author! (old view) One at right is NEW author! (Amazing what a few heart attacks can do for U)

The BABY BIKE (Wannabeabigbike)IS FOR SALE !

" After a heart attack with a 5-way bypass, 3 strokes, a shattered left wrist, a torn (off) left bicep, a back with (now) EVERY disc bad, a hip joint and shoulder that are bone-on-bone and misc. other tiny problems, it is time to use just 4 whells. SO far at least, still with a motor, and not an electric wheelchair, so PTL! Contact me if interested. It will be with all mods AND original parts, FOB Lompoc,CA. ONLY. STILL with less that 5000 ORIGINAL miles on her! Most of her time was spent in my workshop! I can't use her, so I want someone else that can love her!!

My Mods: (check on them often, as I keep adding improvements or additions to each as I come up with them, or get suggestions from other riders who have done them! (NOT to mention repairing torn up words my pell specker missed!))


Flag Holder Mod

Shifter Modification

Horn Modification


Exhaust Modification (Generic & HD Dyna)

(Notice to '85-'96 non-LTD owners at top of Exhaust page)

Battery Access/Charger Hookup

Battery Connector Mod #1

Battery Connector Mod #2

Battery Terminal Post Repair

Battery Carrier/Lift Device

Battery Types

Battery Monitor Addition

Reflective Tape Addition

Scootworks Lowering Kit Installation

comment added by Scootworks 9/23

Scootworks Handlebar Riser Installation

Chrome Tank Edging

SEAT Mod to Single rider seat

(Finally done!)

Tail Light Modification (partial)

Wheel Change to older EN500A Cast Wheels & Tubeless Tires (coming someday??)

Ignition Switch Relocation DIY Instructions

Mods by others:

LED Tail light Modification

by Uthor (Tony) from

Saddlebag Mounting Template Construction

by Darryl Petrak from the Yahoo En500 group

Speedo and Odometer Calibration Chart by Darryl Patrak

Turn Signal Buzzer Alarm

by Darryl Petrak from the Yahoo En500 group

Protac Backrest Addition

by Kurt Theoret

Kuryakyn ISO Grips Changeout

by Philip Potts


Our newest additon! Pages about YOUR bikes with our mods (and yours)! Send pics today!


I will be adding some links soon, as I have found many great ideas we can use on the Baby Bikes

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